Cobra Breaker


Product Description

Cobra Breaker – Utility Accessories

Part No. Cobra Breaker

• Portable, lightweight machine with various versions to find one to exactly suit your needs.
• Easy starting and ergonomic design help boost productivity.
• Easy to service.
• Cleaner and lower emissions.
• Very good vibration values.
• Full range of tooling available.

Cobra Pro
Break & cut asphalt.
Drive rods & spikes.
Drive posts & fences.
Tamp & compact soil.
Tamp Ballast/ties
Cobra TT
Spiking wooden sleepers.
Digging cable trenches
Breaking concrete
Cut and compact ashalt
Driving posts & fences
Tamp Ballest and tie
Cobra Combi
Breaking concrete
Cut Asphalt
Split Rocks
Drive posts & fences
Drive rods & spikes
Tamp & Compact Soil
Tamp ballast & ties

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