Burndy PATMD6-LI

Battery Operated Crimping Tools – Burndy PATMD6-LI

Part No. Burndy PATMD6-LI

• Output force 6 tons (5.4 metric tons).
• 18 V Lithium-Ion battery.
• Pressure “pop-off” valve indicates comple on of crimp.
• 350° head rotation.
• Allows use of standard BURNDY® “W” & “X” dies already in use.
(sold separately)
• High speed pump completes crimp in approximately 2 seconds.
• Interchangeable scissor action crimp jaws allow easier access
to tight spaces.
• Large hand grip area allows operation on while wearing gloves.
• Rubber jaw covers available as an optional extra.
• High capacity 3.0 AH batteries provide more crimps per charge.
• Comes with durable vinyl bag, charger and 2 batteries.
• Dimensions 541 x 108 x 71mm
• Weight 3.5kg