Bambi Popular Models

Bambi Popular Models

Below we have put together Bambi popular models air compressors in each range. If your not sure which product is right for you or you wish to purchase please call Thamesair: 01793 695095.

Budget Range – Download Brochure Here!

 Bambi Popular Models  Bambi BB24
 Bambi BB8 – £283.00   Bambi BB24 – £290

NEW! PT Range – Download Brochure Here!

 Bambi PT15  Bambi PT24  Bambi 50D
 Bambi PT15 – £432.00   Bambi PT24 – £442.00  Bambi PT50D – £594.00

VT Range – Download Brochure Here!

 Bambi VT75    Bambi VT200  Bambi VT250
 Bambi VT75 – £594.00  Bambi VT150 – £963.00  Bambi VT200 – £1,999.00 Bambi VT250 – £1559.00

Carriage to be quoted on order. Email your Purchase Order to [email protected]

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