Bambi Air Compressors

Bambi air compressors are high performance, silent compressors designed for medical, dental, laboratory & OEM Applications. The range has been developed for ultra low noise but where high performance is essential.

We have access to the entire range including low noise, high performance and oil free air compressors. The Bambi range will have a solution for each individual needs and promises to be noise free with a compact neat design.

Below please find our technical brochures, for more information or to purchase please call: 01793 695095

 Bambi Budget Range  Bambi MD Range  Bambi HT Range  Bambi VTS Range
 MD Range Silent Air Compressors HT Range – Ultra Low Noise Oil Free VTS Range – Silent Oil Free Air Compressors
 Bambi Air Compressors VT Range  FS Range  Bambi PT Range
 VTH Range Oil Free Air Compressors  FS Range – Sprinkler System Air Compressors  PT Range – Ultra Low Noise Oil Free