What is Mecklock?


anti-theft system

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Mecklock is a permanently fitted mechanical anti-theft system with 100,000,000 possible combinations; your machine is locked until you need it.

Mecklock is not an alarm, it is an anti-theft solution that actually prevents theft by hydraulic immobilisation.


How does Mecklock (anti-theft system) work?

Mecklock works by isolating all or a combination of the vehicles hydraulics. Each anti-theft system is operated by a patented key that has 60 million combinations and cannot be copied. A secure procedure is in place for ordering replacement keys. The strength of Mecklock is within the key as it is a physical component that can be managed with ease. We find a lot of hire companies have Mecklock fitted on their machines to give themselves and the hirer peace of mind.

Thatcham Approved – P2, P3 & H3 Approval.

A report from Thatcham – the motor insurance industry’s research establishment – stated that Mecklock resisted all attacks

(report number EVH-260).

Mecklock is the answer for your plant security.


Commonly fitted on:

• JCB Telehandlers • Terex Dumpers
• Bomag Rollers • Kobelco Mini Diggers • Thwaites Dumpers

We can fit our anti-theft system on most plant machinery. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Replacement Keys:

If you need replacement keys these can be ordered via our secure replacement key procedure. We have this procedure in place to make sure that keys aren’t put into the wrong hands. For a replacement key please call 08701 903090.



Although trackers are not essential to go with our Mecklock we find some of our customers like to have them on for extra protection as well as recording additional information e.g. health & safety, utilisation reporting etc. We are distributors for the Cantrack device which gives you all of these benefits and many more. If you would like this as an addition to you Mecklock please mention this on your enquiry.


Customer Reviews:

“I am not sure if you are aware, but you may certainly be interested in learning that once again an attempt was made to steal one of our machines, JCB 3CX. The attempt failed due to the fact that the very clever Mecklock System you fitted prevented this happening. The attempt was made by some very clever thieves who by-passed the JCB Immobiliser and then hot wired the ignition, but were frustratingly defeated by the Mecklock. The Mecklock has in fact prevented four of our machines being stolen by person or persons unknown. I just wanted to say please keep up the good work. ”

Dick Grigg – Hope & Clay (Construction) Ltd

“Marvellous invention — well done. But why has it taken so long, for something so simple, which has been proven to work?”
Barbara Ross, Balfour Beatty

‘We declare that since 1997 our complete fleet has been protected only and exclusively with the above mentioned device. We can state that the anti-theft Mecklock System, actually, is the best solution against theft of plant machines.’
– Giuseppe Saini, General Manager

‘I am just wondering if it is possible to have some more Mecklock systems installed on 3 machines. One of the machines (4m telehandler), which you installed before, has recently been pinched – however, thankfully, the Mecklock saved the day. They did try to get it off etc but were unsuccessful.’
– West Yorkshire Building Contractor

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