Mecklock+ Coming soon!

Our trustworthy thatcham approved Mecklock is just about to get even better!

In the next few weeks we will be releasing the Mecklock+ which will be an additional safety measure to your plant machinery. The wired device which will be attached to the Mecklock and will allow you to find all sorts of information regarding its whereabouts, usage, remote engine control and even if someones left the key in! The product will be launched at this years CITS conference and then will be available in a variety of ways from then on.

In addition, if the Mecklock isnt something you want installed in your machinery a magnetic wireless device will also be available allowing you to track any vehicle you wish. Whether its your car, plant machinery or even your boat! The magno-track will attach on with its high magnetic force onto whatever you want to track!

Both products available to view on a desktop and via the app.

For more information call MLS on 08701 903090