Countryside Crime costs £39 Million in 2016

It’s shocking the extent thieves will go to to get hold of our most precious belongings but countryside criminals are among the worst. A report published on BBC news on 14th August explains countryside crime cost £39 million in 2016 from one insurance company. Thefts include plant machinery, Land Rover defenders and much more.

Our solution is simple, Mecklock. The only mechanical lock on the market to stop plant theft. Designed for any kind of plant machinery but most commonly fitted on telehandlers, rollers, dumpers, excavators and many more. No need to pay out annual fees or even track the journey of the theft. Mecklock is embedded in your machine to give the thief a real challenge.

Mecklock for Land Rover defenders are also available and can be installed by yourself.

To see how it works click here or alternatively give us a call on 08701 903090 to discuss your requirements.

To read the full article on BBC news please click here.

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