CEHS introduces the T100 Terminator Tooling

‘We believe the lightest 100ton head on the market.’
The T100 Terminator is a double acting, light weight 100 ton designed to install transmission and distribution connectors and sleeves – we believe the lightest 100ton head on the market.The T100 accommodates C type and T100 Compression Dies.The C dies are designed for copper and aluminium code cables, AAAC, ACSR and aerial conductors, T100 dies are designed for the larger transmission line conductors including Redwood etc. This tool is designed to be light weight and portable for easy manoeuvrability and will operate from any 10,000 psi hydraulic source with the proper oil capacity. As an added safety feature the T100 comes complete with a Dead Head safety relief valve built into the ram which prevents intensifying of the head. The T100 comes with handles, protective frame and carrying case (for head only).
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Output force:100 Tons

Tool Weight:28 KGs

Height:314 mm (without stand)

Width:191.5 mm Diameter (without stand)

Warranty:5 year Limited
FEA modelling Ref: DYN-CEH02-ECF01-REVO.