A local Oxford company saves 20% by using Hydraulics in a Bag

Hydraulics in a bag have saved a local Oxford company a significant amount of money. The company was quoted elsewhere by a mobile hose replacement service for a four figure sum to remove and replace hoses on their press. They saw that MF advertise for a hose collection service under the name ‘hydraulics in a bag.’ The company used their own labour, tagged and removed the old hoses and placed these in the ‘hydraulics in a bag’ bags which are given out for free by MF Hydraulics. Once all hoses were bagged the company called ‘Hydraulics in a bag’ to collect. The free van collection returned to MF Hydraulics where new Parker hoses were made in controlled conditions tagged and returned in a clean bag. The customer was delighted with the service and even more pleased when they received the invoice with the total invoice price less than 20% of the figure quoted by the mobile service.

This true story proves you do not need to spend a fortune on mobile hose replacement services.
Hydraulics in a bag along with MF Hydraulics offer not only the bag option we have various deals available that allows the end user options for making their own hoses.

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