MLS exhibit at Lamma 2018!

We are at Lamma show in Peterborough today and tomorrow! Find us Stand No. 451 Hall. 4. We’ll be doing live demonstrations on the KarryKrimp so you can see how easy it is to crimp on the go. The KarryKrimp is on an unbeatable offer of £999+VAT including the crimper, stand, hose & couplers, 2 die rings, 2 stage hand pump and 3 sets of dies! If you can’t make it to the show you can view this promotion by clicking here. Alongside we have our products from the MLS range. This includes the long standing anti-theft device Mecklock. The only mechanical device on the market to stop plant theft – no need to follow the thief, your asset stays where you put it. Additionally the Fuel Purifiner designed to drain the diesel bug out of your tank.

All of our products can be demonstrated to you on our stand at Lamma. Drop by to see how or solutions can solve your problems.

Stand. 451 Hall.4

MLS at Lamma