Prevost has a range of products for compressed air ringmains and fluid distribution systems. All of the Prevost range is designed with a safety aspect and conform with the latest standards. From specialist hose reels, to specialist tools with all the professional connectors and everything in between.

Prevost offers a choice of solutions engineered to the needs and requirements of its clients. These solutions are split into three product lines :


  • Prevost safety quick couplings
  • Prevost standard quick couplings
  • Prevost automatic couplings for water systems
  • Prevost safety couplings for blow torches
  • Prevost hydraulic quick couplings
  • Prevost hoses and recoil hoses
  • Prevost aluminium and composite piping
  • Prevost hose reels
  • Prevost spring balancers
  • Prevost air blow guns and spray guns
  • Prevost connectors, valves
  • Prevost clamps
  • treatment of compressed air
  • submicron filtration
  • drains and separators
  • dryers and condensate treatment systems
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