About MF Hydraulics

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MF Hydraulics was formed in 1982 as a specialist hydraulics engineering and supply company. Its founding directors, who still take a hands-on and client-facing interest in the company, have over 60 years’ experience between them.

We supply all types of hydraulic equipment including hoses, cylinders, rams, power packs as well as all types of pneumatic equipment. We are the exclusive south central England distributor for Parker Hannifin Products. Our engineering capability to manipulate any non-industry standard hydraulic or pneumatic tubing to exact specifications. For more information on this aspect of our business, visit Tube Manipulation.
MF Hydraulics holds the UK licence for Mecklock. Mecklock isolates hydraulic drive within a plant vehicle, immobilising it and preventing theft. Recently added to our MLS division is the diesel Fuel Purifiner removing free waste and contamination from diesel. For more information, visit Mechanical Line Solutions. In October 2000, MF Hydraulics merged with Worcester’s Central Hydraulics & Engineering Services and Central Engineering Services. This merger operates as The Centinal Group. As such, we are the premier hydraulics and engineering group in south central England.

Watch the video about the Centinal Group and take a look inside each depot: